Surgical Strike On Black Money New :500 And 1000 Currency Replace And 2000 Rupees Notes That Will Be Issued

Rs. 500 and 100 Are Banned from The Midnight Of 8 November 2016, 2000 Rupees Note

2000 Rupees Note :- Against the terrorism, corruption and black money, PM Narendra Modi has addressed to ban Rs 500 and 1000 also release new 2000 Rupees Note. This will cause a hardship for all the people but soon 500 new currency and 1000 new currency will be launched that will be replaced with old ones. To ban the currency of Rs 500 and 1000, 2000 Rupees Note is a big announcement by Mr. Narendra Modi that was kept private till today evening. The step is taken to ban the currency so that there can be a trimming in corruption and black money.2000 Rupees Note

2000 Rupees Note

2000 Rupees Note

The people will not have to worry about the currency they have own their own. People would be allowed to submit all the currency of 500 and 1000 Rs. in banks and post offices and release new 2000 Rupees Note. The time to credit the money of Rs. 500 and 1000 is being decided from 10th of November to 30th of December 2016. Check New 2000 Rupees Note. Although the people will not be able to submit their currency till date, they will get final chance to submit their currency to the banks and post offices. 2000 Rupees Note

New 500 And 2000 Rupees Note

2000 Rupees Note:- The prime minister Narendra Modi has added to their speech that, nobody will get the lose of currency of Rs 500 and 1000, new 2000 Rupees Note. They can exchange the currency with 1000 new currency within 50 days, 2000 Rupees Note. Even after 50 days, the final opportunity will be provided to people to exchange their money. Other than 500 and 1000 Rs currency, rest the bucks will be same with their value.2000 Rupees Note

500 New Currency Note

Important Facts About Rs 500 and 1000 Banned And Release 2000 Rupees Note

  1. Nobody in the country was pre-informed about the restriction of Rs. 500 and 1000 currency so that privacy can be remained.2000 Rupees Note
  2. Just because the ban on 500 and 1000 currency, and also release new 2000 Rupees Note all the banks and post offices will remain closed.
  3. With the proclamation certificate, the currency can be credited in RBI bank till 31 March 2017.
  4. The new currency of 2000 Rupees Note and 500 Rs. Design will be circulation soon.
  5. In all the public places like Petrol Pumps and CNG Gas Stations, the currency will be applicable till 11th of November 2016.
  6. Llikewise, for next 72 hours the currency for rs. 500 and 1000 will be allowed in Railway Ticket Counters and Airports. 2000 Rupees Note
  7. No ATM will be in work from 9 to 10th of November 2016. 2000 Rupees Note
  8. Soon the new currency launched after a few days as the replacement of Rs. 500 and 1000.

New 2000 Rupees Note

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